From noon to 9:30pm

Weekends / Holidays

Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Elyxr bar

Our exclusive bar lounge is for enjoying spectacular drinks. Make this the meeting point for family and friends and enjoy coffees and selections of teas and freshly healthy squeezed juices as well as old fashioned cocktails and reginal and international wines. 

Throughout the year, the Elyxr Bar offers both indoor and outdoor experience. We offer a selection of plates full of fresh and refined dining options along with aperitifs, cocktails, spirits, wines and Champagne, with selections of teas and coffees and healthy juices.

Beverage Menu

Hot Drinks

Espresso 1.80

Macchiato 1.90€

Cappuccino 2.50€

Café Latte 3.60€

Hot Chocolat 2.50€

Selection of Teas 2.20€

Water & Soft Drinks

Still Local Water 1.80€

Sparkling Local Water 1.80€

Evian  7.50€

Coca Cola Zero  2.80€

Fruit juice  2.80€

Fresh Squeezed Juices

Apple 3.80€

Beet 3.80€

Carrot 3.80€

Seasonal fruit mix 3.20€

Mix lemon & grapefruit 4.00€

Mix orange, lemon & grapefruit 4.00€


Mojito  9.00€

Hugo 9.00€

Cuba Libre  9.00€

Mai Tai 11.00€

Martini 8.00€

Pinacolada 10.00€

Aperitif & Digestive

Ricard  3.50€

Aperol 3.50€

Becherovka  3.00€

Amaro Montenegro 3.50€

Pernod Absinth 4.20€

Ramazzotisambuca  3.50€


Ballantine's finest 3.50€

Chivas Regal 5.50€

Chivas Regal 18 YO 11.00

Jameson Black Borrel  4.00€

Johnnie Walker Black Label 5.50€

Johnnie Walker Blue Label 25.00€